Frank & Co is and expert Jewelry Company and home to a unique collection of an exlusive F color and VVS clarity diamons, straight from registered diamond suppliers all over the world Speak our name and it echoes creativity, quality, inovation and integrity. We follow exacting procedures in selecting the best from the best to turn them into man’s most dazzling treasures.

Vision :

Frank & Co. strives to be the leading and most trustworthy Jewelry Brand in the region. Our products must continue to be synonymous with both creativity and quality. In view of these objectives, priorities should be carried through each and every one of our team members.


Strengthen the image of the brand passionately
Aim for product excellence
Aim for customer experience excellence
Aim for retail experience excellence


Strive to be the best in all we do

Services :

We ensure that every customer will experience an excellent service through our retail space ambiance as well as service delivered from our trained Jeweler Representative. We pay the closest attention to every detail in our retail space to ensure customer comfort and to display our products accordingly to show the exquisite designs and the supreme brilliance of our diamonds.

Our Jeweler Representatives are the company’s face. Therefore, we make sure that every one of them gets the best training the company could offer.

Our Stores