The Palace is an established brand with a new and unique concept in luxury retail. While originally focusing on a specific line of gems as is the norm for traditional jewelers, The Palace has since expanded into a larger market by offering a wider range of merchandise. As such, our current clientele will find offerings including gold and diamond jewelry, bullion, pearl, precious and semi-precious stones.

Through it's exhaustive and comprehensive collection of gem and jewelry products, The Palace offers a onestop shopping destination for a decidedly larger market segment compared to traditional jewelry outlets.

Vision :

The Palace envisions itself as the largest jewelry retailer in Indonesia, catering to the needs of a wide consumer base.

Mision :

The Palace aims to serve as a one-stop shopping destination for any gem and jewelry related need. Provide the most comprehensive collection of high-quality gemstone and jewelry products within stringent international standards for a wide consumer base and Ensure customer satisfaction as the main focus of day-to-day business operations

Services :

The Palace caters to the mass-market segment of the jewelry industry, and our service standards are aimed to facilitate a true one-stop shopping solution for any and all gemstone and jewelry related needs. To further enhance our clientele's confidence in our services, we also utilize various technologies to assist potential customers in ascertaining the quality of our products. A notable example is the use of advanced karameters to determine purity levels in our gold-based products.

Our Stores